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AGES OUT AUGUST 2017 * The best smile! * Confident * arthrogryposis * bright * has a ready smile * gets good grades

“He is extroverted, bright, active and has a ready smile. He is not afraid of strangers but will not voluntarily talk to them. He will say hello to you and talk happily when he gets familiar with you.  Because of his physical situation, he cannot jump and run like other kids, but he will not cry or shout but cheer up others sitting beside them. He is very bright and can grasp the knowledge taught by teachers very quickly.”

Kaleb was born with Arthrogryposis, a joint condition.

Here is a rough translation of the video above
(Shu Shu is what the kids there would call a male caretaker)
Shu Shu – Kaleb?
Kaleb – Yes?
Shu Shu – Oh, an airplane is coming. We’ll wait.
Kaleb – Ok.
Shu Shu – How old are you?
Kaleb – 13
Shu Shu – Do you have a lot of friends?
Kaleb – yes, many.
Shu Shu – who are your friends?
Kaleb – I have a friend, ____
Shu Shu – Who’s that? (Joking)
Kaleb – Who’s that?? Ha-ha – what do you mean?
Shu Shu – Who is he?
Kaleb – Ha-ha – He’s right there!
Shu Shu – Who else?
Kaleb – Friend’s name, friend’s name…x6
Shu Shu – Okay, okay. You have a lot of friends!

This second video is Kaleb reciting a poem.
“Quiet Night Thoughts”, by Li Bai.

The translation is:
“Silver moonlight pours alongside my couch.
I thought it was the frost on the ground.
I lift my head, watching the bright moon.
Lowering my head, I miss my hometown.”

A family asked me if I would advocate for Kaleb. He will age out in August 2017! Their son (who was adopted 3 years ago) was Kaleb’s best friend in the orphanage, and they haven’t been able to forget about him since. They know there is a family out there for him.

For a long time they only had a younger photo of him to help him find a family.

The family said: 

“We received a written update at one point, but all that it told us was that Kaleb had broken his leg and was in the hospital. We had no idea what had happened to him”

The family decided to try again for an update with 10 questions, and they received one!

Kaleb is running out of time, so if your heart is tugged by this precious boy, PLEASE send an e-mail to this family with any questions you may have. Also, he is on the shared list, so you can e-mail me at anytime to get his info so you can ask your agency to find his file for you.

Here is the update from March 2017! 

1. At his last update he was recovering from a broken leg. Did he recover well after his therapy? He recovered well after his therapy.

2. Has he had any further injuries, procedures or surgeries? He hasn’t had any further injuries, procedures or surgeries.

3. Is he receiving any therapy at this time? He isn’t receiving any therapy at this time.

4. Is he still using a walker to walk or something else? He isn’t using a walker to walk or anything else.

5. Does he have difficulty getting around? He has some difficulties in walking; he cannot run, jump or kneel down.

6. Is he able to take care of his own bathing, feeding and bathroom needs? He is able to take care of his own bathing, feeding and bathroom needs.

7. Is he still receiving schooling at the orphanage and, if so, how is it going? He is receiving schooling at the orphanage and he gets good grades.

8. How does he compare to his peers developmentally? He is normal compared to his peers developmentally.

9. Updated measurements? Updated measurements: height 140cm, weight 28kg, vision 4.9 L &R, head circumference 69cm, waist 60cm foot length 23.5cm

The family said: “For Kaleb, just like our Kassi last year, time is of the essence! He doesn’t have much longer before it will be too late. Please, please pray about whether you might be this amazing boy’s family, and email us for more information!

Please feel free to share this page! Thank you so much for your help. This amazing boy needs a family of his own.