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Posted on May 17, 2017 by in Aged out |

Here is a rough translation of the video above
(Shu Shu is what the kids there would call a male caretaker)
Shu Shu – Kaleb?
Kaleb – Yes?
Shu Shu – Oh, an airplane is coming. We’ll wait.
Kaleb – Ok.
Shu Shu – How old are you?
Kaleb – 13
Shu Shu – Do you have a lot of friends?
Kaleb – yes, many.
Shu Shu – who are your friends?
Kaleb – I have a friend, ____
Shu Shu – Who’s that? (Joking)
Kaleb – Who’s that?? Ha-ha – what do you mean?
Shu Shu – Who is he?
Kaleb – Ha-ha – He’s right there!
Shu Shu – Who else?
Kaleb – Friend’s name, friend’s name…x6
Shu Shu – Okay, okay. You have a lot of friends!

This second video is Kaleb reciting a poem.
“Quiet Night Thoughts”, by Li Bai.

The translation is:
“Silver moonlight pours alongside my couch.
I thought it was the frost on the ground.
I lift my head, watching the bright moon.
Lowering my head, I miss my hometown.”


The family decided to try again for an update with 10 questions, and they received one!