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Posted on Nov 21, 2017 by in 20 Visually Impaired |

6 years old * blind * shared list * born July 2012 * loves music * exceptional hearing * likes a consistent environment * $4,000 grant if adopted through the agency, WACAP

Personality/Likes:  You might find her quietly listening to music on her own, clapping along and absorbed in it.  Her nannies say she even makes happy sounds listening along to music she likes and is found many times grabbing and holding the radio. Her file says she has exceptional hearing. She does not like to be disturbed when she sleeps and prefers to feed herself and will resist being fed by others. She enjoys singing, can recite poems and count to 20 on her own.

Special Need/Development: Julianne has bilateral blindness and is uneasy in new situations and places and can be uncooperative if she is scared. Her file also reports on a potential hydrocephalus diagnosis, however no surgery has been mentioned. Julianne has been receiving rehabilitation for her motor skills at the orphanage. Julianne is most comfortable in familiar environments.  She needs assistance in her mobility currently due to her sight impairment, although she is able to sit and walk unassisted from a motor standpoint.

Julianne is a healthy little girl who has not had any hospitalizations or medical interventions. According to her caregivers, she has never had seizures. She is able to walk on her own, but has trouble with stairs. Julianne enjoys singing children’s songs and is able to count. She needs help caring for her needs including eating and dressing. Her caregivers report that she can repeat other people’s words, but does not seem to communicate her own thoughts and feelings with words. However, she can be heard speaking in this sweet video.

Resources needed: Julianne is a special girl and happiest when her environment is consistent. Potential families would be open to researching and applying visual accommodations in their area as well as continuing her therapies.  There are many resources both online and locally for families of sight impaired children to help them lead independent, full lives!

Adoption Grant available: There is a $4,000 adoption grant available if you adopt Julianne through WACAP.
Julianne is also “Gigi” on Reese’s Rainbow and has a growing adoption grant.

Where is her file? Julianne is currently on the shared list. This means you are able to use any international agency working with her country . Please let me know if you need recommendations for an agency.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt this sweet little girl, please send me an e-mail – Jessica