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Julia aged out

Posted on Apr 29, 2018 by in Aged out |

gentle personality * obedient * polite * hardworking * loving * She likes to draw, sing, and dance, but she does not like to study.

Does she want to be adopted?
Yes! “When some children are adopted, she will ask the caretaker, where does he go? The caretaker will tell her that the child’s parent take him home. Then she asks when my parent takes me home. The caretaker asks seriously, “would you like to be adopted?” She answers positively “yes”.”

Julia is listed as Developmentally Delayed, and does not have an official diagnosis of Down syndrome. “She is healthy and seldom gets sick, is polite, respects the teacher and can get along well with children. She is open, active and lovely. Though her language expression ability is fairly poor, she can manage her life, can express her needs, love labor, is ready to help others, and she is mentally healthy.”

Julia’s file indicates that she was not abandoned until July of 2012, when she was almost 8 years old.

Another update about Greta (aka Julia) when she was with CCAI:
Greta can take care of herself in daily life, and she can basically independently do her own things, for example ; bathing, getting dressed, etc. She can also help her nanny to do whatever things are within her ability, for example; sweeping, fixing dinner, getting clothes, etc.

Her motor ability is the same as her peers.

Greta’s language ability is good. She can communicate with others and she can understand what others say, she just does not speak quickly and sometimes her speech is unclear, so just let her speak slowly. She can say anything.

Her cognitive ability is a little bit weaker. Learning is strenuous. She can count to within 20. She likes to draw, sing, and dance, but she does not like to study. Her intelligence is a little bit lower than other children.

Greta has a gentle personality. She likes to smile and does not have a bad temper. She is submissive, hard-working, and obedient.

Videos galore!

Update From April 2013 – 8 years old
“Greta likes blocks and balls, when building blocks she will be very patient. At noon her teacher will take her and other children to playground to play, she likes sliding, she can challenge some difficult games with other children.
She likes to be nice, every day she will choosy, if aunt change new clothes for her, she will be very happy to share with other children, and ask teachers that whether she is nice. If she can not do anything well, and criticized, she will correct. If praised she will say that I still can not understand very well, and tell other aunts that she was praised.”
Medical Condition: Developmental delays

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