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Nov 2006 * 14 years old * handsome * bright smile * very polite * keen to learn *
Joshua has a growing grant at Reece’s Rainbow. If you are not able to adopt Joshua, please consider adding to his grant! ūüôā

“he longs for a forever family”

“Joshua has been in ICC’s care since he was 5 years old, and¬†he longs for a forever family. He has seen several of his friends adopted, and desires to have the same. ¬†He has been asking about a family. ¬†We pray that the Lord will bring Joshua a forever family.” – ICC

“In ICC’s care, Joshua has¬†grown in confidence and ability. ¬†He is a member of the Conductive Education group where he receives education and therapy to help him develop his abilities. ¬†Joshua has good communication skills, and expresses his opinions and wishes with his teachers, carers, therapists and friends. ¬†He enjoys learning, and is an active member of his education and therapy classes. ¬†He would benefit from speech and language therapy to help understand the cause of his “hoarse” voice.”

“Joshua uses a wheelchair, and¬†can move himself independently¬†from chair to bed or bathroom without help. ¬†He manages to get himself around in the wheelchair including a daily 30 minute trip to school! ¬†He is able to pull himself up to stand at a table, and can sit unsupported on a stool. ¬†He does have some high muscle tone which affects his legs and arms. ¬†His hands are affected by the CP, but he is able to feed himself, brush his own teeth and do puzzles. ¬†He can also dress himself independently.”

“Joshua has¬†lots of learning potential, and really enjoys going to daily classes. ¬†He is able to concentrate during class, ask questions and respond appropriately. ¬†His education is behind due to his delayed opportunity to receive education. Joshua recognizes colors, animals and 40 Chinese characters. He can count and recognize numbers, and do simple math.” – ICC

Joshua is currently on the shared list.  Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in adopting him. I am not affiliated with an agency. I will just be able to help you get his info so you can contact your agency about him. РJessica