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Posted on Apr 12, 2017 by in Aged out |

AGING OUT JULY 2017 * 13 yrs old * Born July 2003 * Bright * Eager to learn * excelling at Braille * a class leader * loves sports, especially running * self-sufficient * vision impairment

Jaxon will AGE OUT in July 2017 * Please share about him so he can have a family of his own! A family needs to start today so they can get to him by his 14th birthday!

Jaxon is a bright young boy that is eager to learn and asks a lot of questions. He is excelling at Braille and is one of the class leaders. WACAP staff  met him on a Journey of Hope trip and have a lot of pictures and videos of him!

Jaxon was found as a newborn and raised in the local police station for a few months. He then was transferred to the orphanage at 1 year old. He lived with a foster family from 2004 – 2013 when he was then sent back to the local orphanage so he could be adopted. As you can see this wonderful boy has had quite a journey, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if his next stop could be with a permanent, forever, loving family of his very own?

Currently, Jaxon attends school at the local school for the blind. He is taking piano lessons at school and can already play a few songs. He loves sports, and running is his favorite thing to do. Caretakers share that he is clever and remembers the layout of each room. He is self-sufficient and can dress and feed himself. He wants to contribute to society and would like to grow up to be a therapist, pianist, or masseuse!

Jaxon has been diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, cataract, and dislocation of the lens. In November 2005, he received surgery to help treat his glaucoma. Surgical notes, a growth report, daily schedule, and vaccination records can all be found in his file. Resources for families to learn more about his condition can be found here and here

WACAP staff noted when they met him a few months ago that Jaxon really wants a family! He walked into the room and immediately recited a poem from memory. He told them that he would love a family with siblings, but doesn’t care if they are younger or older, he just wants a family! Are you his permanent family?!?