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Posted on Oct 12, 2020 by in 20 Bethel Kids (VI) |

has a bright smile * likes to be held * he’s progressed a lot since coming to Bethel * 

Jaden lives at a special home for visually impaired children called Bethel. This is what they have said about him:

“Jaden is such a special boy to be around!”

June 2020

November 2019
( top left photo)

February 2020 (“Jaden is now able to feed himself! Look how pleased he is to be gaining independence!”)
May 2020 (in the black sweatshirt)

“An occupational therapist from the United States examined Jaden last week and remarked at how increadible his progress has been so far! She says that she would recommend he do a bit of short term physical therapy and speech therapy to help him catch up, but he is hitting developmental milestones so quickly! He just needs a family to cheer him on!”

May 2019

April 2019
“Jaden has so much energy now that he never sits still, even when sitting in his chair. He’s constantly changing positions, or pulling himself up into a standing position and then sitting back down. We love seeing how energetic this sweet boy has become with proper nutrition and loving care.”

March 2019
“This strong little boy is walking so well now! He’s all cuddles and smiles all day long”

February 2019

“Jaden is becoming such an active little boy! He loves sitting up and lying down on his own, bouncing and waving his hands around. He always plays with a sweet smile and loves when his nannies hold him. He giggles whenever you hold him tight and place your cheek next to his.”

January 2019
“Look who is sitting up on his own and loving it! This sweet boy just needs loving care and proper nutrition to grow to his full potential!”

December 2018
“Jaden needs a special family to provide him with love and care. He came to Bethel this September and was severely malnourished and delayed. He was always moaning and had almost no gross motor skills. In just the last 3 months he’s been putting on weight, working hard to improve his gross motor skills and started gracing us with his bright smile! Especially when he has more energy in the afternoon he is always smiling and dancing in his chair or stroller. He always smiles brightest when you sit with him and hold his hand or hold him in your arms.

As he builds up strength his gross motor skills have improved dramatically. He can now stand while leaning against the wall and can take steps if he’s holding his teacher’s hands. Please don’t let his delays scare you! The growth we’ve seen in such a short period of time prove that there is a sweet little boy who needs love and care to grow to his full potential!”

For more information about Jaden please email Allie at Bethel
You can also e-mail me, Jessica for more information on how to adopt him or any other child on TwentyLess