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Posted on Apr 3, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

3 years old * smart and “delightful” * cerebral palsy (hemiplegia) – see below * excellent at self care

Jade Jade fully body

Jade is a lovely girl with a sweet, loving personality. She is noted to be very smart and “delightful.” When her caretaker talks to her, she listens carefully, nodding as if to say she understands. She very much enjoys playing with other children, and listens to and follows her caretaker’s instructions, and her caretakers love her dearly. When her caretaker asks her to hand over a snack, she will oblige, voluntarily. She already knows how to say “sister, mother, mother” and other vocabulary. When she sees people she knows, she would gesture a bench nearby, asking them to sit next to her. If she sees a stranger, she will appear somewhat apprehensive at first, but will soon relax and warm up to the person. She enjoys listening to music, playing on the slide, and occasionally will mimic songs and sing along. She has excellent self-care skills. She eats and sleeps well.