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Posted on Mar 23, 2016 by in 20 Visually Impaired |

8 yrs old * low vision(cataracts) * bilateral microphthalmia * speaks perfect English * likes dinosaurs that eat grass * funny * loving * bright * smart

November 2017 Update!
“Say Happy Birthday to Jack. Sadly he remains in an Orphanage. Jack is now 8 years old. He needs a family and knows he does. Jack has bilateral microphthalmia and has had congenital cataracts removed. He has low, but functional vision. Jack is funny, loving, bright and smart. In a family environment he can thrive and grow to be the best he can be. Please share this far and wide.
His family are out there, they just don’t know it yet.” – Shining Star Foster home

“Jack is great! He was Tom (my son)’s best buddy in the home they were in their country before his move to Shining Star. I have loads of info and photos and would LOVE to see him with a family!!” – Jack’s best buddy’s mom

Jack August 2016

Gladney (the agency) visited Jack’s orphanage and said this about him:
“Jack is the cute little boy who surprised us all by introducing himself as Jack in perfect English. I think he pretty much had us all at, “Hello, my name is Jack!”

Jack cute

Jack is 6 years old. He is outgoing and smiles easily. He has low vision due to cataracts. He can see when he holds things close to his face, for example he could tell us that the ball he was holding was purple. He put together a puzzle, stacked blocks, and repeated a pattern of blocks.”

“Jack lived in a foster home, where he learned to speak English fluently, until recently. He is now back at the orphanage.
He walks, runs, jumps, and goes up and down stairs independently. And he certainly loved sliding down the little slide that was in the room when we were there!”

“And listen to this, he loves dinosaurs that eat grass. And he likes when people read him books about dinosaurs. When he said that I just wanted to scoop him up and read to him all afternoon!”

If you would like to know more about how to adopt this amazing boy, please send me an e-mail! – Jessica

If you would like to know more about another child on TwentyLess, or have questions about the adoption process, I would love to help! – Jessica

TwentyLess is not an agency, it is an advocacy site run by an adoptive mom (me) who would love to see every child with a family of their very own.