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I will Age Out in 2018

Posted on Jan 8, 2018 by in Blog |

In 2017, I saw way too many vulnerable children with special needs and stigmas in China “Age out”. When a child living in an orphanage turns 14, that means they are no longer eligible for adoption, and many times their orphanage does not need to care for them anymore. Luckily some orphanages will help them transition, let them help in the orphanage, or find them support. But many times, a child will need to find a way for themselves without a support system. Can you imagine your own 14 year old child without parents or family, having to  find their way in a sometimes very unkind world?  Something even harder to think about are the children who have significant special needs, who struggle to take care of their simple daily needs, and have never been outside the walls of the orphanage. If put in this situation these children will be very vulnerable with the stigma of their outward appearance, lack of knowledge and education, and their need to be cared for.  I have heard stories of adults in the orphanage or in the community helping a child find their way, but sadly, this is not the story of all of the children who age out.

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Most Important, below are CHILDREN WHO WILL TURN 14 IN 2018! 
You can click on each child’s picture and go visit their page for more information.
Expedited adoptions for aging out children ARE available for eligible families.

JUDE will age out this month (January). He is a precious boy who has watched his friends be adopted and go away with their new families. Jude has osteogenesis imperfecta. Please pray for this sweet boy and his future. Jude has been on TwentyLess since December 2014.

FORD has a strong passion for learning
, likes playing football, basketball, reading, and loves animals. Ford is deaf and does not speak verbally. There IS still time for a very motivated family to make him their son and give him a bright future.

NATHANIEL is outgoing, enjoys learning English, and has a wonderful memory for learning. He likes a variety of foods and loves music. He is smart, happy, and eager to learn. He has been on TwentyLess since January 2015.

NATALIE loves fresh vegetables and fruits, and is described as a great helper to her foster siblings. She can meet her own needs, and is described as adored by those around her. She has been on TwentyLess since August 2015.


FRED has been described as “the happiest kid I know!” He loves to play catch with balls, and is great at basketball – in fact, sports definitely seem to be his thing. His special need doesn’t slow down this determined kid, and he has adapted to use his left arm and hand instead, balancing items with his right hand. Fred has been on TwentyLess since November 2014.

DONAHUE is extroverted and lovely. He has a ready smile and gets along with other classmates and teachers. Go see his videos! This boy needs a chance to blossom. You can tell in his videos he wants to connect with the outside world so badly.  

ZACH is cute, kind, and good at sharing. He is very smart and learns new things quickly. This boy never seems to stop smiling. He likes spicy food and fried rice, and is very calm and finds joy in all he does. Zach has been on TwentyLess since October 2016.


SAMUEL has a ready smile and is happy. He enjoys playing games and singing like other children his age. Samuel is also described as being full of curiosity to all things and fairly introverted. He likes to watch cartoons on TV and is such a handsome boy! If he is adopted through Lifeline agency, they have an $8,000 grant to help with his adoption.

“EDISON has a wonderful smile with a deep kindness in his eyes. He has a tender and gentle spirit. One of the primary educators at the orphanage spoke about Edison and attested to his wonderful disposition. At lunch, he asked one of the nannies if he could share some of his chips with me. He took my hand at one point during the week and asked for us to be friends. Edison interacted with adults as well as other children from the orphanage, particularly children with cerebral palsy.”

SOPHIA is described as “very outgoing, kind, and having a beautiful room-filling smile”! She loves imaginative play with friends. IMPORTANT NOTE: Sophia went through an adoption disruption in her country a year or two ago. She was found to be delayed years behind her peers even though her orphanage is said to be one of the better orphanages. A family needs to be prepared for a rough transition and serious development delays. I pray someone will take a chance on her!
Sophia has been on TwentyLess since May 2015. 

ASHER was born with impairment of his right eye, but it has not slowed him down! He is bright, inquisitive, and curious. He is very attached with his caregivers and loves to help care for the younger kiddos in the orphanage. He is a talkative guy who loves to have conversations with his caretakers! He is currently in school and is seems to be doing great overall. He always completes his homework after school and helps out other children when they need assistance. He is very independent and is able to wash his clothes, clean his room, and help others. He loves to read, jump rope, and ride his bike! He is an amazing boy who needs a family to call his own.”

ANDY wishes to have a family of his own! He is independent and also helps other children with their tasks. He enjoys playing outdoors, as well as watching TV.


If you would like more information on any of these children, please send me an e-mail! – Jessica

TwentyLess is not an agency, it is an advocacy site run by an adoptive mom (me) who would love to see every child with a family of their very own.