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Posted on Sep 21, 2016 by in 20 Urgent |

Born Jan 2012 * loves blocks, puzzles, stories, music * Kidney Cancer * has had 7 round of chemo and now stable * 

While at the orphanage, Hunter has made many close relationships with the other children and is especially fond of his caregiver whom he calls “aunt.” Despite Hunter’s difficult medical history, he loves to play. His favorite toys are blocks and puzzles and his favorite activities include playing games, listening to stories and music, and watching TV. Since the surgery, Hunter is much more active. He is well liked in the orphanage.

Education: He can now speak 2-3 words at a time, count to 5, and is starting to learn his colors. He is reported to have normal intelligence

Medical Need:
Hunter was found at 2 years old with a large mass on his abdomen that was sensitive to the touch. The doctors diagnosed him with Stage III Wilms’ tumor, a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children. He underwent surgery in September 2014 and received 7 rounds of post-operative chemotherapy until June of 2015. Since then, Hunter has had stable conditions and lived at the orphanage. He has bowel and bladder control.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt this sweet boy who desperately needs a family,
please send me an e-mail – Jessica