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Born August 2011 *  8 years old * shared list * delayed development * happy and cheerful * You can find her sweet newest video here!

These photos are updated from June 2017!

Hope was born in August 2011. She is a precious little girl who is 5 years old. She has been on several agencies’ lists…waiting, and hoping, for the right family. She is currently on the shared list, so any agency can pull her file for you!

These photos were taken in April 2014

DSC04410 DSC04438 copy
Here is an update from April 24, 2015

She is not on medication for her seizures.
She has been vaccinated. She has not had Chickenpox.
Has she had surgery? No surgery
Development and Education
Is her physical development the same as other children the same age? No
Is her language development on target or delayed? She is delayed
Is she able to speak clearly? Very little
Can adults easily understand what she says? Mostly yes
Does she learn easily? No
Does the child speak any English? How fluent? No

*Note: These videos are updated videos, and Hope seems to be less developed than her earlier videos. She REALLY needs a family to give her the therapy and love she so desperately needs!!

Diet Self- feeding or not? No
Drink from a cup or bottle? Bottle
Eating schedule
Breakfast 8:00 Rice noodle, noodle, bread, milk and fat rice noodle
Lunch 11:30 Rice noodle, veggie, meat and eggs
Dinner 17:30 Rice noodle, veggie, meat and eggs
Snacks 14:00 Fruits, fruit juice, cookies and bread Likes Fruits, fruit juice,cookies and bread Dislikes N/A
Sleeping Habits
She gets up at 7:30, nap at 12:30, and bedtime at 18:30.
Does she sleep well? Yes
Does she use the toilet in the middle of the night? No
Who does she sleep with? She has her own bed. There are 4 children in her room.
What is her personality like? She is happy and cheerful.
Does she get upset?  Sometimes
What would make her happy or unhappy? She is happy if it is game time or somebody talks to her, She is not happy if we ignore her.
What helps her calm down when she is upset? Talk to her
What is her favorite thing to do? Games

Is she toilet trained? She is on diapers
Is she in a foster home? No
Does she have a nickname? Lingling


Hope has Cerebral Palsy, which affects her left hand, and lower legs, according to her medical report (March 2014) . She is a very happy little girl, who enjoys listening to music, and being around her friends. HIC has video of Hope, taken after her report was completed, in which it appears her overall condition had worsened. The reason for this is unknown but she needs the love and support of a family to help her reach her full potential. Hope needs you…please consider this sweet little girl. You may see her info and request her file at “Bringing Hope to Children”



If you would like more info about adoption in general or how to adopt sweet Hope, please send me an e-mail.

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