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Posted on Feb 5, 2014 by in The 20 |

11 years old * post op CHD * fun and full of life * video * eligible for an older child grant at Reece’s Rainbow!

“Henry is 10 years old and is pretty much the life of the party.”

henry gwca
He had surgery when he was very young because he had CHD (congenital heart disease), and since then, he has been feeling much better. He likes to play with his friends, to dance, and sing. He is very smart and loves to ask questions! He’s a great eater and his favorite food is sweet fruit. His caregivers say that he is a typical boy that loves anything with wheels.

An adoption advocate met him this summer and said this about Henry:

“I met this 6 year old boy with CHD.   This little guy had so much energy and was ALL BOY running around and playing and showing off for us. I was alone in a stairwell with him and nearly fainted when he jumped from the halfway point on a flight of stairs to beat me to the bottom! I tried to scold him but he gave me one of those smiles that led me to believe he was gonna do it again on the next flight…yep… This little guy is so full of life and just adorable!!! I imagine he keeps his foster mother on her toes! He was very curious about us and followed us all over the orphanage building.”

video password: Henry1

Henry from China Child Advocate on Vimeo.

He is “Andersen” on Reece’s Rainbow. If you cannot adopt him, adding to his adoption fund will help so much!
Now Michael with International Adoption Net! Email Brandie if you are interested in adopting Michael.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Henry, please send me an e-mail.

henry 6 yo