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5 years old * born October 2014 * loves music and toy bells are his favorite toy * hydrocephalus and other * outgoing and active 

Personality: Adored by all, Henri receives a lot of affection and smiles at his caretakers when he is kissed. Can you imagine being able to kiss those sweet cheeks every day? He is said to be outgoing, active and restless though when he is tuckered out, he is a deep sleeper.

Development: This adorable little guy likes interacting with his caretakers and other children. He makes good eye contact and babbles sounds. He loves to listen to music and play with toy bells which are his favorite. If there is a toy in front of him, he will grab it. In April, his nanny was spending a lot of time practicing head control with him. She would place him on a U-shaped pillow in the activity room, lay down with him and work on raising his head and controlling its movement. When he got tired, he would rest on his tummy and watch all of the other children play. He likes sucking on his fingers and when a nanny sees him doing it, he quickly takes them out and smiles at her. Henri has a great appetite and really loves noodle soup and snacks.


History: Henri was estimated to be 1 month old when he was abandoned. After a search failed to locate his family, he was sent to an orphanage where he still lives. Upon examination, he was found to have a clear mind, strong heart, clear lungs and normal spirit.

Special need: Henri is diagnosed with hydrocephalus and recovered very well from a surgery for a shunt in August 2015. He also had a cyst on his right kidney and has a scar on his stomach over his right kidney. A heart murmur was detected when he was an infant but it resolved on its own. An ultrasound of his heart in November 2015 was clear. Henri’s file includes lab results, hospital discharge forms, diagnostic results and states that he is up-to-date on his vaccinations.


Agency: Henri is currently with WACAP. They are offereing a $4,000 grant for qualifying families. Seriously interested families should download and complete their pre-application (no fee, no commitment) found HERE.

You may email the completed pre-application to with your request and the first available case manager will respond.

Henri’s latest information is from April 2016, therefore, WACAP would love to request an update for an interested family. This little boy deserves to know the love of a family!

If you have any other questions about how to adopt Henri or about adoption in general, please send me an e-mail! – Jessica