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Harper has a family

Posted on Sep 9, 2019 by in I Have a Family |

Aging out! * Grant Available!! * loves telling stories and singing songs * a wonderful big sister to the younger children * smart and bright * selfless

Harper has $5,000  available to help with her adoption from Here I Am Orphan Ministries for Christian Families
She also has $4000 in her Connected Hearts Fund for a family with LOA!
That’s a total of $9,000 in grants available to help you with her adoption.

“Harper is urgently looking for her forever family as she is already 13 years old! She will not have the chance to be in a family unless her parents adopt her before May 2020!

Harper just arrived at Bethel’s school for blind and visually impaired children and we can already see she is a smart and bright little girl! She loves telling stories and singing songs to anyone who is willing to be her audience. She is already an amazing big sister and has been going around and giving the younger children big hugs and lifting them in the air. In the video she says “Good Morning” in English which we just taught her that morning and then notifies me that another child is crying. She insisted on holding him herself and trying to help him feel better.

Harper is blind with beautiful silver eyes. She has great self cares skills and is able to do everything on her own. However, she has never been in a school setting before. We will begin teaching her braille and how to use a cane as soon as school starts in September. She is curious and loves telling you how happy she is for the other children from her orphanage who were already adopted. After she felt a little more comfortable with us, she softly whispered how she wishes she could have a family too.” – Bethel

NOTE: Harper’s adoption paperwork is still in the process of being prepared so she will need a family who is willing to step forward in faith to start the process as her paperwork is also in process.

If you have any questions about Harper or how to adopt a child on TwentyLess, please send me an e-mail – Jessica