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Hannah has a Family!

Posted on Oct 16, 2015 by in I Have a Family |

Beautiful 11 yr old Hannah has been waiting for a very long time for a family.

In an October 2015 update, when she was asked what her dreams were, she said she wants to be a professional ice skater when she grows up! I pray a family can help her achieve every one of her dreams!

Here are her beautiful updated photos from October 2015!

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and a video from Oct 2015


How well can she see? Can she get around okay? Can she see books or other things close up?
She can see thing close up, but not very clear. She can get around by herself. She can see musical notes, but has to be as big as poker card.
What grade is she in school? Is she a good student? Academically how does she compare with peers?
She’s in second grade. She doesn’t well in school. She has make a rapid progress in her study (blind school).
What is  her personality like?
She is shy and quiet in front of strangers. She gets more outgoing once she’s familiar with people.
Social: Does she have good friends? Favorite adults? How is she with younger children?
She has good friends, no favorite adult. She helps younger children.
What activities does she like to do inside? What about outside?
She watches other children play chess inside. Outside she likes to play with ball or play on the swing.
Does she have any other special needs? Is she developmentally delayed in any way?
She has no other special needs, no delay developmentally.
Does she know about adoption? Has she seen any friends get adopted? Does she want a family?
Yes, she has friends been adopted.
Has she had any surgeries? If so, what kind and was it successful?
No, she never had any surgery.
What are her dreams? What does she love doing? What does she want to be when she grows up?
She’s now in school in Nanchang. So we can’t answer this question yet. She’ll come back when the October holiday. Pictures/videos and measurements are not available at this point.

Here are some older photos

updated photo


Hannah gray coat standing
Hannah referral pic 2 Hannah sitting sad


At the age of 4, she was said to be able to walk well “upon the light perception”. Her file states that she can easily go up and down the stairs, can run, jump, and participate in outdoor activity. Hannah has said to be able to clearly see things that are close up to her and that she has high self-esteem. She is said to be “an active and lovely baby.”

Hannah is listed as having congenital cataract of both eyes and nystagmus of both eyes.
You can also find info on her here on Wonderful Waiting Kids.