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Gracie has a Family!

Posted on Oct 31, 2013 by in I Have a Family |

Meet 11 year old Gracie She is waiting for a family! She is a wonderful little girl with great potential. She has some special needs, but she is a bright and beautiful child just waiting for what a family can give her!

2005, June 20th, Gracie3Gracie

She loves to play with dolls. She enjoys listening to music and reading books. She gets along well with others. She can identify colors and recites poems. She sings songs.

2005, June 20th, Gracie2 Gracie
When she was admitted into the orphanage, she could not sit or crawl. After being in orthopedic shoes, she was showing improvements with her mobility. In 2008, she received rehabilitation for a month. In 2009, she had surgery for dorsal rhizotomy. She is currently receiving therapy twice a day. She cannot walk on her own with her cerebral palsy. She is described as having a shy personality.

One of the ladies who has worked with her says, “She is very endearing. I really loved her. She is super cute and sweet.”

Gracie has an adoption fund┬áset up at Reece’s Rainbow. Donating to her adoption fund will help her so much! Thank you!

Her special needs are cerebral palsy, spondylolysis (a specific defect in the connection between vertebrae), and a vision impairment.

Gracie is now on the shared list. If you would like to know more about how to adopt Grace, please send me an e-mail.