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Fred aged out

Posted on Nov 25, 2014 by in Aged out |

13 year old Fred needs a family * right side hemiparesis * “one of the happiest kids I know!” 

This photo is from Bring Me Hope Camp July 2016. Love that smile!

2016 July BMH Camp

bringmehope-fred_0001 bringmehope-fred_0003

What Fred’s Bring Me Hope volunteer had to say:

Fred is one of the happiest kids I know; he would literally jump for joy when singing, playing, swimming!

Fred bringmehope-fred_0005

Fred is all boy!! He loves to play catch with balls, and is great at basketball – in fact, sports definitely seem to be his thing. His special need doesn’t slow down this determined kid, and he has adapted to use his left arm and hand instead, balancing items with his right hand.

Fred Fred

He loved to show what he could do, and always wanted to be involved in anything that was going on. Fred is full of energy, like any other 10 year old boy, and would do so well in a family that could encourage him and keep up with him!!!

Fred bringmehope-fred_0004

Here’s some videos of Fred!

 Another volunteer said: 

“He was very active. He could do everything all the other children could do. He can run and play! I was very impressed with his abilities! He doesn’t let his special need hinder him”