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Franco – URGENT!!

Posted on Jan 13, 2018 by in 20 Urgent |

Born June 2012 * 5 years * URGENT!! (see January 2018 update) * shy * sweet * ready smile * has had heart surgery * giggly * seeks for affection * delayed

GRANT AVAILABLE!  WACAP has a $4,000 grant available to help with his adoption. Email WACAP for more information about using WACAP to bring him home.

In January 2018, an adoptive family visited Franco’s orphanage.
The mom said, “He looked straight up at us with his sweet eyes and he spoke straight to my heart. As we approached his crib he continued to look at each of us. I bent down and held his little hand and I’ll never forget how deeply he gazed into my eyes. I could not believe this was Franco I was seeing. Someone needs to RUN to him quickly!!! He deserves a chance. I can see his potential. PLEASE could someone open their eyes and hearts and see it too. He would thrive and flourish in a forever family. He needs one on one care, good nutrition, and a family that will love and cuddle him the way he should be. Is there anyone who would invest time and love in his little life?”

development – At 3, he was still utilizing a bottle and was not yet eating solid foods. Franco’s file indicates that he is delayed in some areas, including his speech, and gross motor skills but his nanny’s report that he has been making great strides since his heart surgery! Franco is reported to have poor motion development. He can sit stand up and walk by holding onto rail however at the time of the report was not walking completely independently. He is able to get himself dressed. While is language development is poor, he is always giggling and enjoys the attention of his favorite caretaker!  It is indicated in his report that some suspect that his delays were caused by his unrepaired heart, although families must be prepared for other possibilities.

In May of 2015, agency staff had the opportunity recently to meet Franco. Franco was reported to be very shy and upset at the interview. It was reported that he has bonded with and is quite attached to one particular nanny. He does not tend to seek out being held by other caretakers, but loves to watch other children play. He plays well independently in his crib. The agency staff noticed he was noticeably smaller than most children his age – at age 3 he appeared to be the size of a 7 month old baby. The orphanage staff speculates he may have been premature, as he was tiny when he was brought to the orphanage. Additionally, side effects from his heart defect may have impacted his growth.

Agency staff again visited Franco in April of 2016. The update from the trip noted that “Franco is an extremely tiny little boy with thick black hair. He had surgery for a heart condition, and the doctors in China have not indicated that he will need further surgery. Since his surgery, he does not turn blue in his fingers or toes, and doesn’t get tired or sick more easily than other children. He does not take any medication. He was fairly calm with us, and very absorbed with playing with a rattle. He can now pull himself up to stand while holding onto something, but is not able to stand on his own. When we asked if he can take steps while holding a caregivers hands, they demonstrated that he could but said they didn’t really try that before. He also climbs very well into his crib. He doesn’t yet say any words, just babbles. If he wants something, he will just crawl over and get it. Occasionally he will fight with another child to get a toy, but mostly he is good with other kids. If caregivers put one or two other children with his crib with him, he’s very happy and will hug them, but if it’s more than two he gets upset. They say that sometimes he will follow instructions.

personality – shy, sweet, and always with a “ready smile”, giggly. While he is introverted, he is very well liked by the nannies who say he is very “adorable” He loves to play peek-a-boo with the caretaker and enjoys listening to music. His favorite toy was a colorful red ball! He is said to be a deep sleeper, and very sweet. (age 3)

history and environment – was found at two months old and taken on the same day to live in an orphanage. He has lived in the same Social Welfare Institute since his placement.

medical – He was initially diagnosed with a CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) and otherwise healthy. According to Franco’s limited medical file, he received surgery in 2015 to repair his heart defect. His last medical report appears to indicate no further intervention is necessary. However, a review of Franco’s medical file by a cardiologist would help parents to understand what, if any, further medical intervention may be needed.His caregivers report that because of his heart condition he is delayed in all areas. They feel the surgery went well and Franco is recuperating and making advances.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Franco, please send me an e-mail. – Jessica