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Ford aged out

Posted on Aug 26, 2016 by in Aged out |

Born February 2004 * strong passion for learning * deaf and doesn’t speak verbally * likes playing football, basketball, reading, and loves animals *


He has a strong passion for learning.  His caregivers describe him as active, bold, and outgoing!

Special Need
He was born deaf, and does not speak verbally, but he can use basic sign language (in  his native language) to communicate with others! He has not received any hearing aids nor cochlear implants. Here is more information on congenital deafness.

ford2Ford cutie

Gross Motor
He has good motor development. He can throw and catch a ball, skip around on each foot, go up and down the stairs. He can take care of his daily living skills, including dressing himself, bathing, and brushing his teeth.

He attended a school for the deaf up until last year where he learned sign language, writing, and basic math. He’s quite fond of reading and would even go into his teacher’s office to read books during his free time! He’s also very observant and loves to watch animals.

Some of his favorite hobbies include coloring and drawing things such as houses and cars. He also like playing football, basketball and playing with other kids. His most updated report, June 2016 tells us that his favorite activity is playing computer games.