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6 years old * Born October 2013 * brain differences * always smiling * bright-eyed * easygoing little *delighted to interact with people whenever she has the chance.”

March 2020

January 2020


UPDATE 2019 – Isn’t her smile the best??

A November 2017 update said she had been seeming to make choices or answer questions with eye gaze. You can see more about her on this advocates website, right here! 

Evangeline was born in October 2013 and went to the orphanage around 6 months old.  She is always smiling and just so precious. She has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and is receiving rehabilitation training to improve her abilities.

April 2016

2016 4 laugh
March 2016

2016 3 darling Evangeline

2016 3 standing tall
2016 3 highchair

2016 3 cute positioning
2016 3 lying on side

February 2016

2016 2 2016 2 tickles

2016 2 smile
2016 2 matching owl outfits
2016 2 cutie

Evangeline turned 2 in October 2015. Here is a whole blog post all about it from New Day North!

Evangeline’s  adoption file was completed in February 2015 when she was 16 months old and she was said to be a very smart and outgoing girl.  Although she moved slower than other children, she was receiving rehabilitation training and had learned to sit, hold her head up and touch toys around her with her hands.  At each rehabilitation session she was said to be very happy and cooperative.  She was babbling and would laugh happily.  Shortly before her report she had begun standing with support.

When Evangeline’s caretaker would call to her she would hold her head up to look and laugh happily.  Although not afraid of strangers, she enjoyed being with familiar people.  When visitors would talk to her she responded happily. Evangeline’s medical report also mentions Esotropia of eyes, Umbilical Hernia and Hydrocephalus but there is no description of how these affect her day to day living (if at all).

Evangeline is currently living in a wonderful group foster home.  They describe her as being “a bright-eyed, easygoing little girl who is delighted to interact with people whenever she has the chance.”

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Evangeline, please send me an e-mail.