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Posted on Oct 8, 2016 by in Aged out |

 born January 2004 * a polite and positive girl * likes to be a leader to younger children * has been waiting 10 YEARS for a family after her adoption was dissolved in country at age 2.

picture in 2013 file (age 9)

Blair was born January 2004 and found abandoned about a month later. She has been diagnosed with post-operative blepharoptosis (drooping eyelid) and a potential neurocutaneous syndrome after some coffee colored spots (cafe au lait) were discovered on her body.

Medical and History: 
Blair received surgery for blepharoptosis to repair her eye lids in October 2005 and was adopted by an American family a few months later. After discovering she was suspected to have neurocutaneous syndrome they dissolved her adoption. In March 2006 she went to live with a foster family  Now 10 years later, Emma still waits for a family to come for her.

picture in 2013 file (age 9)

Education: Her kindergarten teachers said she had trouble focusing at school. She did well when singing and dancing but struggled in other areas. In August 2009 she was uncooperative during testing and then labeled with mild delayed cognitive development. When she entered first grade who was active and restless in class and not interested in studying. She would help her foster parents with house work but didn’t like doing school home work. She repeated first grade which embarrassed her. Her abilities in math, spelling and comprehension were poor and she struggled with focus. Blair’s foster parents and teachers said her oral expression ability is normal.

Personality: She liked playing games with children and enjoyed leading younger kids. Emma was said to be a polite and positive girl who got along well with her foster sisters.