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12 yr old Daniela was born March of 2006. She came into care as a baby and has waited on the shared list for years to be chosen by a family. She is listed as having mild Cerebral Palsy. Daniela is in foster care in the countryside near the orphanage. She has normal communication with her foster mother and people she is familiar with. Her speech is clear and has normal interactions with those around her.

She was with WACAP with a $4,000 grant available through them.
She was “Felicity” with Hawaii Child International  (HIC).
She is “WenWen” with Gladney through the new shared list program.

Daniela helping a younger girl


These pictures show Daniela throughout the years. This first pictures are from her original adoption file, she was three years old:

Photo 4 - LU DAN WEN
Photo 3 - LU DAN WEN

Her personality is a bit introverted. She likes to play with other children in the neighborhood, but due to her gentle personality, some children bully her during play, so her foster mother sometimes does not allow her to go out. She is well-behaved and follows directions. She is now attending school, she is said to be in “senior kindergarten.” Her foster mother is reportedly to be a countrywoman with little to no education, therefore she cannot help Daniela with her studies and homework and as a result Daniela is a bit behind her peers in school. Her favorite activities are: singing, dancing and other kindergarten activities. She loves to go to school and play outside.

In this picture Daniela was approximately six years old:

Daniela 6 yrs
Her left eye appears to possibly have amblyopia, although this is not specified in her file. She reportedly has “normal vision” although she is said to have a “little squint.” She is able to care of herself and her daily needs.

These last two pictures are brand new updated pictures of this sweet girl. These and the videos linked below were taken December of 2014. Daniela is now eight years old:

DSC03114 DSC03120
She has waited for a family for a long time. Click here to view her videos: “Helping Foster Mom” and “Chasing Chickens.”

December 2014 Update!

What are her current measurements?
Height: 127cm; Weight: 24kg; Head: 55cm; Chest: 60cm; Foot:18cm 

What grade is she in at school and how does she do?
Shes attending senior kindergarten. Her grade is just so so. Her mark was 60-70. 

How is her communication? Does she speak clearly?
Her communication ablility is ok. She can make simple language communication with her foster mom. She interacts during the daily activities. She speaks clearly.

What activities does she enjoy?
Her favorite activities are singing, dancing and other kindergarten activities. She loves to go to  kindergarten.

How is her vision?
Her vision is normal, but she squints a little.

Does she enjoy playing with other children?
She loves to play with other children very much.

Is she still in foster care?

Is she potty trained and can she care for herself?
She is potty trained and she can care for herself.

Does she hope to be adopted by a family?
Right now she doesnt understand what it means to be adopted by a family.

Her updated measurements:
Height: 127cm; Weight: 24kg; Foot: 18cm.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Daniela, please send me an e-mail!