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Posted on Aug 20, 2016 by in 20 Urgent |

 4 years old * Born in December 2013 * Post-op Hydrocephalus shunt * very happy, likes to be cuddled * her orphanage wants her to have a happy childhood and a better future *

September 2016 Update
“We have new photos of Daisy!


“She is 2 years old, and has had surgery to place a shunt for her hydrocephalus. Daisy is currently 31.5″ tall, and weighs 19 pounds. She can raise her head, but is not yet sitting unassisted. Daisy needs therapies to help her motor skills. Most of all, she needs a family to love her!” You can see more on her here

Daisy1 Daisy2
Report in April 2015 (16 months old)
Daisy was born in December 2013
diagnosis: hydrocephalus, delayed physical development

-She can hold her head up while lying on the stomach
-She can locate the direction of sounds
Language and sociality
– She knows her name and turns when called
-She is quiet and obedient
-Usually she lies down alone and plays alone
-When the aunt cuddles her, she is very happy
-she has no obvious like and dislike music
-the child has less crying; sometimes when she cries, she is better if she is cuddled.

“Daisy is a very cute girl. Everyone likes her very much, hopes that she will find a family which loves her as soon as possible, to make her enjoy the love of dad and mom, to have happy childhood, to have a better future, and we believe that she would give the family more joys and happiness.”

Daisy was listed with Hawaii International Children (HIC), but is now currently on the shared list.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt sweet Daisy, please send me an e-mail – Jessica