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Clara has a Family!

Posted on Nov 22, 2014 by in I Have a Family |

Clara Clara
From someone who met Clara:

“Clara is a lovely 9 yr old girl. She is outgoing and sociable. We were expecting to see a child with mild cerebral palsy, but there is little or no evidence of any weakness. She is hard of hearing, to an extent that she uses sign language proficiently. She can walk, run, jump, and dance well. Her motor skills seem fine. She reads lips and has great receptive skills.

Clara has good self care skills, and can make her bed and help with some household chores in her foster home. She has lived in the Half the Sky foster home on the orphanage grounds, and has benefited greatly from the family like environment. She is gentle, but lively and fun. She is a very outgoing, friendly girl with an easy smile. She loved posing for photos! She gets along well with other children and is especially kind to younger children, which I saw, as she carefully opened candy wrappers for the little ones.

Clara loves to dance, and pretends to sing. She has a cute short gamine haircut, which shows off her pretty features and cute dimples. Her caregivers told me that they like everything about her! ”

clara DSC01025