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Posted on Jan 12, 2017 by in 20 with Down Syndrome |

was with GWCA recently * 6 years old * lives with a foster family * I blow kisses! * always smiling * down syndrome *

Before moving out of the institution, Chelsea preferred to play alone and was quite shy but since moving into the foster family she has flourished! She is very active and personable and loves to play with other children. Chelsea loves to babble and imitate words and sounds

Chelsea blows a lot of kisses! She is always smiling with a big cheeky grin. She is extremely cute and always smiling! She can imitate adult’s language and is always babbling.

Special Visits
Chelsea spent a week with a JOY advocate at her orphanage who played and spent time with her during the visit.

She was listed with GWCA.
VIDEO Available:  This little one has the cutest little grin and kissing lips in her video. Inquire with GWCA. You can send them an e-mail here.

You can also send me an e-mail at any time for questions about Chelsea or adopting in general. – Jessica