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May 2008 * 11 years old * clever, active, fond of handwork * likes school * likes to draw * gets along with others * wants to be adopted

Charlize arrived into care at age 5. She resided at the care center for two years and was then placed into domestic adoption in China in Feb 2015. The adoptive family moved with Charlize to the USA for one year and then returned Charlize to the orphanage in Sept 2016, when they felt the adoption did not work out.

Charlize is described clever, active and fond of handwork. She began attending public school in China in October 2016. She is studying math, Chinese, English, art, music, physical education and computers. Charlize likes to go to school. She does not always get all the support she needs in the orphanage for her schoolwork, but she does well. She is fond of drawing and her teacher reports she is talented in this regard. Charlize is outgoing and active and is able to communicate with others on her own initiative and can express her needs. She gets along well with her teachers and her peers. In her free time, she enjoys watching tv or playing with friends. She does not like rising early and is not fond of doing housework.

At the time her initial report was written in Aug 2018, Charlize was listed to have moderate anemia and physical delays, though we do not see indications of these delays in her videos or other information. She wears glasses for ametropia. Charlize has been through several transitions in her young life but she is full of hope and she is brave. She has voiced her desire to be adopted by a loving permanent family. Could you be the right family to care for this lovely little girl?

Charlize’s file is currently with Holt International. Please send an e-mail to┬áthem if you are interested in adopting Charlize.

If you have any questions about Charlize or any other child on TwentyLess, feel free to send me an e-mail – Jessica