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Posted on Mar 26, 2017 by in 20 Urgent |

URGENT * 9 years old * precious! * needs stability, love, and to learn to trust * vision impairment * foster family, disrupted adoption, back to foster family, hospital, now at orphanage * desperately needs a loving and patient family 

“It is hard to say where to begin with the story of sweet Celeste. She came to the orphanage when she was 8 months old, and they found she had a vision impairment. Celeste was placed with a foster family, who doted on her but failed to provide the very necessary training to help her learn to navigate and function with her vision loss. She had a disrupted adoption a few years ago, due to her delays and inability to cope with all the sudden changes. They sent her back to the foster home, but all the transitions were too much for her to bear. After a hospital stay, she was sent to the orphanage, still receiving no intensive therapies or training. And…very little love and compassion. The recent videos we received tell that part of the story very well. Celeste can dress herself, feed herself, can go to the bathroom on her own by slowly feeling for familiar objects. Celeste is said to talk to herself, but the staff are unable to understand her. She does not respond when they speak to her, but they say she looks happy if they say good things about her. We are uncertain if her hearing has been checked. Every morning when Celeste wakes up, she cries and hits her head on the wall. She recently turned 9 years old, and so desperately needs a loving, caring, experienced, and patient family who will also provide the training she needs to reach her full potential. It will not be easy for Celeste to transition to life with a family, but the future for this sad girl without a family of her own is not bright. Videos are in her file. Please help Celeste!” – Hawaii International Child Agency

 If you would like to know more about how to adopt these sweet girl,  please send me an e-mail – Jessica