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Caleb has a Family!

Posted on Jan 30, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

6 yrs old * blind * likes art and math * loves sharing and helping * described as a wonderful and happy boy

May 2016 photos

Bethel Caleb June 4 Web-4
Bethel Caleb June 4 Web-2

Bethel Caleb June 4 Web-8

April 2016 photos

Chillin’ with a Friend

Caleb chillin with a friend 4-16
Out in the sunshine

Caleb in the sunshine

Caleb painting 4-16
Riding the Bus

Caleb riding the bus 4-16

Caleb is already 6 years old.  He has had his adoption paperwork done for a few months, and no inquiries have been made yet which surprises me, what a sweet boy!  He is a bit more shy and behind in school but he will be moved to the English class at Bethel after Chinese New Year! – Jan 2016

Caleb working

Caleb is on the left with his friend Simon on the right.

Caleb on left
Caleb in on the left with his friend Petra

Caleb on left opening present
From Bethel:

“Caleb arrived at Bethel in October 2012.  He did not talk for the first few months that he was at Bethel. He was very guarded, confused and unhappy. He cried a lot and he did not seem to be able to do much for himself. Occasionally, a happy boy would peek out of his sad exterior but it would quickly go back deep into himself.

Caleb is at the far right in the blue coat

Caleb Christmas
Caleb Christmas with Simon

“He stayed with his ayis for the first 4 months, but in March 2013 he started preschool. He was in the giraffe class with 5 other boys, and one boy, Noah took him under his wing. He gently showed Caleb around the place and would hold his hand and guide him. Between April and June, 6 months after arriving at Bethel, Caleb began to come out of his shell. He had speech therapy lessons, and it turned out that he was very able to speak and communicate, but he was too scared to before.

Caleb 1st day of school sep 2015

Caleb Aug 2015

Caleb is a very capable, loving little boy. He uses a cane to walk so that he knows what is in front of him. He loves being in primary school and he has good fine motor skills, he likes art class and learning maths. He is also good at his own self-help skills, such as putting on his shoes, getting dressed and helping his teachers carry things from class to class.

Caleb is a perfect example of a little boy who needed time and space to learn that he was in a place that was safe and only once he knew in his heart that he was surrounded by people who loved him was he able to come out of his shell. He is a wonderful, happy little boy who is learning so much!

Caleb swimming Aug 2015
Caleb alone swimming 2015

We all love this handsome boy and are proud of his every little progress. He is also very proud to be the teacher’s little helper and he loves sharing the snacks and toys with the kids in his class”