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Cade has a Family!

Posted on Sep 29, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

11 years old * smart, funny, and has a tender heart * loves to swim, sing, play games, and eat! * has a joyful heart* 


Cade has also participated in Bring Me Hope Camps. Here are two reports about him from 2 volunteers:

“Cade has taken part in our Bring Me Hope summer camp for 3 years now and is always a joy to have ! He is one smart and funny boy. Not to mention some kind of handsome ! He always has a ready smile and is willing to help out with anything when needed. He has energy and a tender heart too ! He loves to swim,sing play games and eat ! He completes all the tasks before him and participates in all the activities with a joyful heart. As happy as we are to have him and see him every year it’s always a little sad to see him jump out of that bus each year because that means he still has not been adopted,he is still an orphan.”


A couple years ago

“At Camp Cade loved to participate in games. He loves running, singing, jumping, and any competitive group activity. Meal time was another highlight of Cade’s day. He would go back for seconds and thirds. The swimming time was another favorite activity along with making balloon animals, swords, and hats. The very fact that it was his first experience away from the orphanage made the week one of the best times of his life. He loved giving piggy back rides to the younger boys. Some of the funniest times with our family were during swimming time. Cade was frightened of the water and then became like a fish not wanting to get out of the pool. He would make us laugh by running all the way up the hill carrying our other boy on his shoulders. Cade loved carrying younger children on his back up the big hill to dining room. He wanted to help the younger children as much as they would allow him to help. The most emotional time was when he boarded the bus and realized the best week of his young life (as Cade related to us) was concluding. It was a difficult time for us all.”



From another volunteer
“Everyone!! This is Cade! He is 11 years old and such a joy to be around!! I’m not sure if you’ve seen other posts of him milling about on this page, but I wanted to also advocate for him personally as someone who got to spend a significant amount of time with him.

I worked a camp this past summer and I (along with a translator) was able to spend 24 hours/day with him for 5 days. I not only got to experience first-hand how smart this fantastic boy is, but I also got to experience the love he can pour out, and experience his NEED for someone to bring him to their family and give him a home.

I remember when Cade got out of the van that was used to drive them from the orphanage to the camp site, and he didn’t seem phased by the people standing waiting for him. He’s been to camp before, he knows what lies ahead in five days. He doesn’t want to get too attached because he always has to leave. I got to experience God’s hand at work whenever Cade and I were paired together in the same family for the next week; immediately we became close.

Throughout the next five days, this boy astounded me. Not only me, but he also astounded my translator who will be a Junior at a University for Sports in Chengdu this fall. He wrote impeccably well, and he also picked up new knowledge very quickly… I have so many stories as to where I observed such a quick-witted, smart boy throughout the week.

What was most influential, though, was his apparent need for a Father figure in his life. This boy CLUNG to me each and every minute of the day. There was not a point in time when I did not feel his love towards me, and on the Thursday night before he left, you could tell that reality was setting in.”