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Posted on Nov 8, 2017 by in The 20 |

11 years old * congenital microtia * craves the security and belonging of a family * watch video below!

Broadwix is a sweet boy that really craves the security and belonging of a family. His file states he has congenital microtia. He was born in January 2010.

“Broadwix helped me understand that there is nothing more important than having a Mom and Dad who would always think of you as a blessing. I feel so blessed to spend a wonderful week with this beautiful 6-year-old!” – camp buddy

Watch this video about Broadwix! 

“Broadwix drew a big house on the left for Sarah and Broadwix. I asked him what about Ayman and Jannex. He drew a small one to the right for them. I asked him why their house is so small. He then drew a big heart in between 🙂 

Please always feel free to send me an e-mail to ask about Broadwix or any other child on TwentyLess. Even if you just want to know more about the process of adoption or questions relating, I’d love to chat – Jessica