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Posted on May 3, 2018 by in 20 Urgent |

10 years old * $4,000 grant available if adopted through WACAP * smart and clever * handsome * great smile *  epilepsy * shared list * 

Medical need: Epilepsy. In 2015 he was doing well and it was completely under control, but his condition worsened in 2016. He needs a family who can help him find the right medication, and help him have some stability.

2015 Report from WACAP:
“I spent a week with him at Bring Me Hope camp that year. In 2016 his condition had gotten out of control and he wasn’t able to come to camp but I got to see him briefly at the orphanage. He is not doing well and his medication is not working, he has stopped going to school and has had some behavioral issues which are probably stirred up by his unstable and unsupportive situation. Between summer of 2015 and 2016 he had grown a lot and I wonder if his changes in body weight have influenced his medication needs.”His DOB is 11/20/06.

December 2016 Report from WACAP:
“This 10 year old boy is so smart and clever, but unfortunately his epilepsy has been giving him a hard time recently!! He needs to come home soon so a family can help him find the right medication to keep his condition stable. I got to spend a week with him in 2015 and visited him again in summer 2016. His heart is so hungry for love and affirmation!! Someone please see him and and make the commitment to be the family he deserves so much!”

Report from someone who has met him: 

“Brady is an amazing kid! He is so smart and has so much potential. He has epilepsy that is currently not under control even though the orphanage has tried to help him find the right medication. In 2015 when I met him and spend a week taking care of him at camp his condition was completely under control and had no effect on his every day life but things have gotten worse. He is currently 10 years old. If he is allowed to age out he will have nobody to help him find the right meds and help him manage his epilepsy. He will end up either on the streets and in potentially life threatening situations if he has a seizure in the wrong place and wrong time with nobody there to care for him or in a adult government facility where he would probably have to stay the rest of his life. People please listen and please see the longing for love in this sweet boy’s eyes! I wish I could be there for him every day and my heart breaks thinking of every day he goes wondering if he is lovable, if he is worth it, and if anyone could ever commit to claiming him and loving him unconditionally.”

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Brady, please send me an e-mail! – Jessica

TwentyLess is not an agency, it is an advocacy site run by an adoptive mom (me) who would love to see every child with a family of their very own.