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Posted on Feb 29, 2020 by in 20 Aging Out |

full of life * playful * May 2006 * independent * active * very social and good communication * completely independent in self care tasks

He is at risk of aging out in May 2020! 


“Blaine recently came into ICC’s care in August 2019 as part of our expanding work in his hometown welfare center.  He has a diagnosis of intellectual impairment, however this doesn’t appear to impact his daily life activities.  Blaine attends Special School outside of the ICC project in which he lives.  He goes to school 5 days a week, and his subjects include Chinese, Math, Art, Music and Exercise.

Blaine is a very independent and active boy who loves to run, jump, climb and participate in any game that involves movement.  This is one of his many strengths as he appears to show great coordination.  He loves to initiate games like hide-and-seek and tag with his ICC brothers on the playground!

Blaine is also very social and has appropriate communication skills for his age.  He loves to ask questions, talk about his day and his interests, or explain new games he has an interest in playing.  He is completely independent in all self care tasks, and does not receive any therapies.

Because Blaine is a very active boy, he does have some difficulties participating and engaging in school curriculum.  Despite these challenges, he enjoys the social aspects of school and spending time with his peers.  He continues to make progress in his learning and is meeting learning goals such as writing Chinese characters.

Blaine enjoys watching TV with his ICC brothers, playing outside on the playground or exercise equipment, playing cards or board games and spending time with people.

Blaine has a lively demeanor, is outgoing, and competitive with makes him an avid game player.  He also has a determined natured which helps him achieve anything he puts his mind to!  As is typical with most teenagers, he sometimes struggles with emotions but is learning emotional regulation with the support of his carers.

We hope that Blaine’s forever family will see his potential and be ready to jump in to complete his adoption.  He has less than 1 year to adopted.”

Blaine has an ICC Therapy Assessment done, and his file is currently located on the shared list.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Blaine, please send me an e-mail. I am not affiliated with an adoption agency, but I will give you his info so your agency can help you adopt him. – Jessica