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Belle has a Family!

Posted on Aug 28, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

11 years old * visible scars * with GWCA * very smart, excellent grades, good communication skills * learning some English * enjoys humor *



Belle is a wonderful young girl from China that just turned 11 years old. Bella is essentially a healthy child. She bears the scars that begin her story and has three fingers that are shorter than the others.

Belle is described by her teachers as being a very smart little girl. She attends regular school (Gr. 5), has very good communication skills, excellent grades and is even learning a little English.

Belle also learned it was necessary to guard her emotions and feeling and can be a little stubborn at times. However she gets along well with others once she gets to know them and trust them not hurt her. When her walls are down she has a fun, outgoing, creative personality and she seems like she enjoys telling jokes and entertaining others.

GWCA Agency staff met her earlier this year (2016) and shares that when she met Belle that she seemed like a little girl who might love to do theater and dance in school because she has such a precocious and invigorating spirit.