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13 years old (Born March 2006) * Congenital Heart Disease * delays * 

March 2016 Video! 

March 2016 Report

What is her personality like? 
She is a happy, outgoing, and active girl. She always says hello to others on her own. She’s very sweet and happy when she sees care takers and teachers. When there are some guests visiting, she always give her sweetest smile and say hello and asks for hugs.

Does she have a favorite adult? favorite friends?
She’s gets along very well with others. Everybody likes her. There is no one particular she is close to.

What are her favorite things to do indoors? what about outdoors?
She likes to sing songs for others, she likes to give performance as she often does so.
She likes to play games with other children, such as playing on the slides.

What is her diagnosis? How does it affect her daily life? 
Mental retardation.

Will she need surgery in the future? What kind of therapy will she need?

Does she go to school? What grade level is she in? What is she learning?
She’s now in preschool learning numbers, colors, recognize objects. She loves to answer questions in the class.

What developmental age is she socially and emotionally? Is she at the same level as her peers?
Socially and emotionally she’s more like 5 or 6 year old. She’s delayed.

Has she seen other children be adopted? How does she feel about being adopted someday? 
Yes, she’s seen other children left. She wants to have a family, have her own daddy and mommy.

How is her language? Can she have a conversation with friends or adults?
Her speech is not so clear, but there is no problem communicating with her. She loves to interact with friends or adults. She often uses gestures and sounds.

What do you like most about Ming Xu? 
She is very friendly and loves to help others.

Bella Bella

April 13 2007 report – 1 YR OLD

She slept well and would always suck her fingers while sleeping. She loved to smile very much and didn’t cry noisily. She had a pair of large eyes and was obedient and beautiful. She liked sweets. She had normal physical development, and her hands could grasp toys easily. She was comfortable with her caretaker, leaning on her should just looking at her. She liked to be touched and kissed. She was a very happy baby with a big smile.

Baby Bella

“Whenever the caretaker holds her up, she feels or holds the face of the caretaker, sometimes she puts the hair or ears of the caretaker and stare at her face, then kiss her with strength. She can roll over on her own, roll over easily when playing on the mat. Whenever the caretaker goes into the room to hold her, she will roll over immediately and raise her head up very high to look at the caretaker once hearing the voice of the caretaker. When the caretaker calls her name and say hello to her, she will laugh incessantly, sometimes turn around in the crib excitedly. No she can sit for awhile leaning on the wall corner or the body of the caretaker. Her legs are also very stron. When the caretaker is holding her, she always jumps excitedly and kicks her legs with strength. When changing her diaper, her legs also kicks incessantly and she dances for joy.”

“She has good speech development. When the caretaker holds her or teases her, she often utters ah, ah, sound gladly.”

April 2011 – 5 YRS OLD

She is an upbeat, cheerful little girl, usually likes to play games with children, loves show, with strong performing, and often to the performances, her song and dance can always bring you joy.

Through continuous practice, improved athletic abilty, she can now walk up and down the stairs. She has better self-care ability. She can now count 1 to 10 numbers, tell the daily necessities, identify rommate’s children, teacher and aunt. She can understand the instruction of teachers, aunts, while talking is not very clear, but her actions or facial expressions to express their needs and feelings.

Height: 82.5cm
weight: 9kg
head: 46cm

Bella Bella

August 2012 Report  – 6 YRS OLD

How is her health/heart? Her heart sound is strong, regular pulse, no abnormalities. She has good color, good appetite, and good mental status.

Is she meeting milestones for a chld her age? She is a little delayed compared to her peers.

Who is she closest to? Her teacher and nanny.

Does she play well with other children, or does she prefer to play alone? She likes to play with other children.

What are her favorite activities? She likes group activities such as “Drop the Handkerchief” (a popular children’s game)

What toys does she like to play with? She enjoys musical toys, and likes to build with blocks.

Does she dress herself, and go to the bathroom by herself? Her self care ability is pretty good. She can complete regular self care.

What can you tell us about her? She likes to sing songs, dance, loves to perform.

She is living in the orphanage.

February 2014 – ALMOST 8 YRS OLD

Does she speak in sentences? Is her speech easy to understand? She can speak simple sentences, such as Granny, turn of the light, granny, turn on the light, Hui Min sister. What she speaks, we can understand.

Is she able to use her hands as well as other kids her age? Yes, she can use her hands as well as other children her age.

Can she hold a pencil and scribble on paper? Yes, she can hold a pencil and scribble on a paper.

Does she have physical therapy at the orphanage? If so, how many times a week does she have it? No physical therapy in the orphanage.

What is her current height and weight? height: 102cm weight: 14 kilo

Has she had any surgery for her heart? If so, could we have a copy of the report? No heart operation. Only had B ultrasonic wave test on Feb. 6 2007

Does she take any medication for her heart? No need to take any medicine for her heart.

Is she attending school? What grade is she in this year? Is she a good student? She is studying in a kindergarden.

Has she had a CT or MRI of her brain in 2011, 2012, or 2013? If so, could we have a copy of the report?
She has never had CT or MRI test.

Does she seem to be as smart as the other kids her age? If not, please tell us the ways she is behind.
She is a little slow in intelligence comparing with children her age.

Bella Bella

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Bella, please send me an e-mail.