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Bailey aged out

Posted on Mar 9, 2013 by in Aged out | 2 comments

zhu bing 2013

Bailey is 13 years old. She dresses neatly and likes to be beautiful. She is shy but gets along well with other children. She listens well in class but has some difficulty understanding. She has some difficulty writing and with some personal care such as combing her hair, due to the low muscle tension in her upper limbs.

One of her best friends was adopted in 2013. Her friend talks fondly of her and says they would play often. She adores Bailey. She said her hands “don’t work good”. Bailey is on the left. Aren’t they beautiful girls?

zhu bing 2013
Her friend Lily, now home 10 weeks with her new family, says:

Bailey is very nice. She is 11, and other than having difficulty with her hands she is healthy. She lives with a man and woman she calls mama and baba. She has a 12 year old foster brother. Her foster family is very nice to her. She lived with only one house between them. We played often, were very good friends and went to school together. Bailey can hold a pencil but her handwriting is not neat. Bailey can read. I helped her a lot with her school work. She is a little smart (meaning she needed some help). She can get dressed by herself but needs help with zippers and buttons. She can hold a spoon to eat but wears a bib when she eats because she sometimes spills. When the ayi’s and teachers told Bailey I was being adopted, Bailey was very sad. She was so upset she couldn’t eat even though her teachers tried to make her feel better.
I was VERY upset to leave Bailey and Bailey was also unhappy about it.

Lily is doing amazing with her new family. Let’s make sure Bailey gets a family too! Hopefully these two friends can meet again someday soon.

10 yr old Bailey

10 yr old Bailey

Here is the sweetest younger photo of Bailey, taken by her friends mom. Bailey is on the right in yellow. Isn’t she sweet?

zhu bing younger in yellow on right



  1. What is the process to adopt Bailey.

  2. Hi Hope,
    I will send you what I have on her. You will need to choose an agency, go through about 6 months of paperwork, then another 4-5 to prepare for travel for your specific child. You will stay in the country for 2 weeks (one trip) and then come home with your beautiful daughter.