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9 years old * brain “tumor”- unknown if cancerous * very loving and helpful * $2,000 grant available through Madison *

UPDATE! November 2017
“Hailey is now 9 years old. She is very mature and has good behavior. She is able to speak in complete sentences, and she understands what other people say to her. She can recite a few poems, children’s songs, and three-character Scripture. She is able to read, write, say all 24 pronunciations, and can do math. She is also able to take care of her own personal daily routine, like go to bathroom, get dressed, eat, brush her teeth, and she helps to do some cleaning, like wiping the desks or sweeping the floor. Her epilepsy symptoms are no longer occurring. She has been off medication to control seizures for three years. Nothing new was mentioned in regard to the brain tumor, as no further testing has been done.”

2 photos updated in October 2016


Ava’s file was made ready for adoption when she was 5.5 years old. She has been waiting for a family to come for her ever since.

July 2016 Report
The child was confirmed to have a brain tumor but it is unknown whether it is cancerous. She is getting worse and worse and is losing mental ability gradually. She is not doing well and is getting worse. “She is hopeless” they say and the orphanage is planning on withdrawing her file.

Note: There are still so many unknowns about Ava, and MAA is trying very hard to put some of the puzzle pieces together and get more updates and information on her condition. But what she really needs right now is for a family who is prepared for the unknowns to take a leap of faith for her.  She could be medically in danger and is also in danger of  having her file pulled, which would take away her chance of having a family of her own to advocate for her.

Personality: When her file was prepared at age 5 1/2 years, she liked helping others and often helped her friends to move chairs and collect paper and pens. If someone fell down, she offered help to help them get up. She would hug her teacher and say hello to her every day she came to kindergarten. She’d stand by her teacher when dancing and would hold her teacher’s hand when out for a walk. She also loved sitting on her teacher’s lap to listen to stories. Ava got very excited when she had a new outfit to wear or when her teacher would braid her hair, that she’d happily announce it to all of her friends.

At age 5 1/2, Ava was going to a local kindergarten for school. Her language ability was good and she spoke clearly when communicating with others. She was able to follow her teachers to read songs and poetry. She was able to sing some songs, such as Two Tigers and Little Stars. Ava understood simple instructions, such as collecting toys, putting books away, and holding little children’s hands who didn’t have the ability to walk well. She still needed help from her teacher when facing difficult or complex instructions. Ava was independent in her care and could dress and toilet independently. At that time, Ava could introduce herself, for example: “I am Ava. I am five and half years old.” Ava was also able to say her friends’ names. They said that her practical ability is weak, but that she could do some simple painting, use safety scissor to cut paper, and paste pictures.

Medical needs: September 2016 update says that Ava has a “brain tumor” and her orphanage plans to pull her file soon forever taking away her chance of having a family. It is unknown whether the tumor is cancerous or something like an arachnoid cyst. It has been said that they tried to check her brain, but each time she was not cooperative and it didn’t work out. It is unknown at what age this happened.
Her file is very confusing. It notes ‘tic” in one place, but says nothing more. In another place it notes that “no abnormality found”.

Grant available: There is a $2,000 agency grant available when you adopt through MAA (Madison Adoption Associates). Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with the Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants, which are given out twice a year and to families that already have their letter of approval from Ava’s country.

Agency: Ava is listed with Madison Adoption Associates

If you are interested in reviewing Ava’s file or in adopting Ava, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form through Madison.

If you have other questions about adopting Ava or adoption in general, please send me an e-mail – Jessica