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10 years old * Born August 2007 * at New Day Foster Home *significant delays in motion and intelligence * albinism * low vision (lazy eye and nystagmus) * ready smile * likes to snuggle * full of energy * now “Jordan” with GWCA

Austyn has a $3,000 grant if adopted through Madison Adoption Associates

Read this update from New Day. He got his very own blog post! 

From his March 2017 Written Update

How is his mental ability compared to peers the same age? Delayed

How does his special need affect his health?

1. Language delay- he cannot communicate with people by language
2. Eating difficulty which caused malnutrition
3. Muscle atrophy- motor skills limited- he cannot jump or run
4. Hard to adjust- cannot be independent

Is he potty trained? No

Introverted and he occasionally shows some temper. He is used to routine life. When he is happy, he will fling his hands and feet and smile. He does not like doing things by himself. When he has needs, he will hold other people’s hands to take him to it.

Is he well behaved and obedient? Most of the time he is obedient. Sometimes he will throw toys or push things that are by him.

Gross Motor skills He can walk, but slowly. He can go upstairs or downstairs by holding a rail. He can throw balls. He cannot run or jump.

Fine Motor skills  His fingers are skillful. He can pick up tiny things. He can put small toys in boxes (coins into saving pig box for example). He can use his hands to push round toys, but does not want to pick up things by himself.

Education He studies in the early education class. His learning ability is delayed. He likes music lessons.

Emotional He wants to be held and wants attention. He is attached to his caretaker and therapist. He will put other people’s hands onto his shoulder. He wants others to hug him. He does not know how to care for others yet.

Social skills  His social skills are delayed. He will observe other people, but will not engage in the activities. When other kids are bad to him, he will only cry to respond. He gets along well with others and will not attack others.

Language ability Very delayed. He cannot say words. He can make sounds of “eh, ma.” He cannot express his needs and emotion by language.

Can he follow directions?  He can follow simple directions like stand up or pick up the toys.

Does he take any medication? no

Height: 105.5cm Weight: 17.2kg Head: 49.4cm Chest: 59.6cm Foot: 15cm 23 teeth

Austin cuddling

Lots of photos and videos below!

Austyn resides at New Day Foster Home, a wonderful home where he can access love and therapy. But they will tell you that he will only make the BEST progress with a loving and understanding family of his very own.

Austyn is a miracle-in-the-making. He is significantly developmentally delayed in all areas. As he was previously in an institutionalized setting, he has made tremendous strides since arriving at the New Day Foster Home. Many have been praying for this special young boy and cheering for him.

Austyn is introverted, has a ready smile, likes music, likes snuggling and is full of energy. A special education teacher at New Day provided an extensive report describing his delays, which is available for prospective adoptive families. These delays include limited mobility, non-verbal communication and in the past he had experienced trouble chewing and swallowing food, but is now able. He is progressing in mobility and is able to walk unassisted for short periods of time although prefers to have something to hold on to. Austyn also has low vision, which is associated with the condition of albinism, but he does see and recognize things. Austyn is attached to his main caregivers and benefits from predictability and routine. He is hypersensitive to most sensory experiences and exhibits many self-stimulation behaviors when he is over stimulated (relaxing and gentle music can help him calm). Austyn is attending preschool each afternoon for an hour and 15 minutes. For most activities Austyn has a helper that works one-on-one with him.

Please help grow his adoption grant at Reece’s Rainbow! Money should not get in the way of this sweet boy having his very own family.

March 2016

2016 3 Swinging
February 2016

2016 2 smile
2016 2 walking

January 2016 – “Don’t even think about it!”

2016 1
2016 1 kiss

Check out this blog post from New Day about Austyn’s progress in December 2015 plus this photo!

2015 12

October 2015

2015 10

Another wonderful blog post about Austyn from New Day in August 2015, and this photo.

2015 8
June 2015
You can see Austyn in this sweet video of Adia dancing.

April 2015 blog post – This is so adorable! A wheelchair made for three.

March 2015 video 
“Two years ago, Austyn couldn’t even sit up upright by himself.  Now look at him go! This was Austyn’s first ever time to walk around using this walker, and later in the day he got to try using it out in the backyard too.  Hopefully his first unaided steps will be sometime soon…watch this space!” – New Day

February 2015
He has the best smile!

2015 2

Here’s a great blog post about Austyn and Nelson’s game, and here’s the video! So cute.

Austyn, Nelson and Robert are room-mates and great buddies.  They also get to have their therapy sessions together!

2015 2 Therapy Tuesday
And here is a sweet blog post all about that!

December 2014
Getting presents!

2014 12
Walking up the stairs!

“We continue to be amazed by Austyn’s progress in therapy.  When he arrived at New Day Foster Home, he was six years old and unable to sit up by himself.  Just over a year later, he can now walk upstairs!” – New Day

Austyn really loved the cat visitor.

2014 12 cat 2014 12 kitty cat
November 2014

2104 11

Investigating just one leaf
2014 11 leaf
Sand Therapy

2014 11 sand therapy

September 2014 – Learning to walk and the balance bike

“Austyn has been working hard at walking for a long time, and is making slow but steady progress.  It’s not easy for him, but with the help and encouragement of his nannies and therapists, he’s getting there.” – New Day

2014 9 learning to walk
and here’s a blog post with more on his progress and the balance bike photos!

August 2014

Check out Austyn’s Big News! What a precious little guy who has been through so much!

July 2014

Oh my goodness! This before and after will break your heart into pieces. Note: New Day later found that Austyn’s birth year was 2007, not 2001. What a precious little boy who needs a very special family who can joy in his daily progress!

before and after
“When Austyn first came to New Day, aged 11, we were reluctant to post pictures of him.  We didn’t want to upset people, and we didn’t want to provoke criticism of the institution that had been caring for him before.  It’s really important to understand that it wasn’t a lack of compassion or concern that led to Austyn’s condition, rather a lack of help and resources.  One nanny would be caring for ten or more children, even if those children were tiny babies.  Doing all the washing, cooking, feeding…everything. When babies, or children like Austyn, are reluctant or slow to feed, there just isn’t time, and the results are tragic.” – New Day

May 2014

2014 5 rice
There is a blog post about it here! 

April 2014

2014 4
Learning to move!
“Being able to explore is even more of a big deal when we’re not talking about a baby but rather a 12 year old.  Austyn arrived at New Day last summer and, due to severe malnutrition and the fact the he had spent the whole of his life so far just lying in a cot, he was able to do very little. Now just look at him go…This is the result of six-months-worth of love, nutrition, therapy, encouragement and patience. This is Austyn crawling, and we are so proud of him.” – New Day

March 2014 – Learning to walk

February 2014 – Playing with Rice

November 2103

October 2013

2013 10

2013 October sitting at the table

October 2013 – Here is a special blog post about Austyn 10 weeks at New Day Foster Home. Note: They found out later that his birthdate had been wrong. He was actually 5 years at this post.

Austyn post