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Posted on Feb 4, 2017 by in 20 Aging Out, Hosted Children |

12 years old * lots of spunk and energy * was hosted in Texas winter 2016 * a great helper * loves to joke around

August was able to spend a month during Christmas with a host family in Texas.
August has lots of spunk and energy! He’s a great helper who aims to please, and jumps at the chance to have fun. He loves to joke around and has a great personality!

August deserves a home where he is loved, cherished, and given the opportunity to grow and learn to his full potential. He has some delays, most likely due to growing up in an orphanage. It will be so wonderful to see him thrive in his very own family!

Contact Meredith at GWCA to learn more about how to adopt this wonderful boy!
You can also contact me if you have any other questions – Jessica