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Adele has a Family!

Posted on Mar 10, 2015 by in I Have a Family |

I met sweet Adele when we visited her orphanage when adopting our son in 2012. From that experience and from all of the other pictures I’ve seen of her, she always seems to be tending and caring for the little ones in her orphanage…even though she is a little one herself.

Many of the children from her orphanage have been adopted. Many of them get their very own family. But the orphanage workers have said that she becomes sad and quiet for several days after a friend is adopted. Isn’t time this sweet girl gets her own family?

Adele tending

Adele playing

Adele is a clever girl and has a strong ability of expressing herself. She is developmentally delayed, but can communicate normally. She likes to imitate adults. When she sees the nannies, she will give them hugs. She is active, restless and likes to smile! When she hears something funny, she will laugh loudly and be filled with joy.

She is very independent and can do many things on her own. She is attending a special training program in the institute, and she is happiest when she is in class with other children. She loves to sing and draw, and can recite poems and count numbers. She is progressing every day! Please help Adele find her forever family!

Right now, Adele is listed with an agency. Here is more on her on their site.

Also, if you have any other question about how to adopt sweet Adele, please send me an e-mail.