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Adam has a Family!

Posted on Feb 2, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

8 years old * deaf * communicates with sign language * exudes pure light and joy * $3,000 through Madison Adoption Associates * 

I don’t think I have seen a photo of Adam yet where he does not have a beautiful, adorable smile on his face. What a special spirit this boy has!

Adam is currently in the hosting program with Cradle of Hope agency (CHAC) – May 2016
Here is a video they have of him.


From William’s host mom: “William is a charismatic and energetic boy of nine who has a charming smile.  His spunk and enthusiasm lights up the room, and he enjoys being around people. He is deaf and he has an incredible ability to communicate with others using gestures, facial expressions and basic Chinese Sign Language. He is also able to pick up some American Sign Language as well.

William is considerate and helpful.  For example, in getting a water bottle for himself from the refrigerator, he will bring out enough water bottles for everyone else too.  He also enjoys helping out such as setting the table and putting away silverware from the dishwasher.
He is very smart, and learns quickly.  He has great memory and is able to problem-solve with encouragement.  Since William is deaf and does not talk through voice (he does make some sounds), he deserves a family that can help him thrive by providing equal visual access to communication, through printed language and sign language (not just gestures).”

Adam hosted July 2016
Adam hosted From another family who has met William, “He is 9, but the size of my average-sized 5 year old. He has the most beautiful smile and the cutest laugh! He loved going up on his host-father’s shoulders and touching the leaves on the trees. He does have some tantrums/melt-downs when he doesn’t get what he wants right when he wants it, but he just needs to learn how things work in a family/time. What he needs most is language. He only had a couple made-up signs.”

This is their current report of him (May 2016)
“William”, 9, is described as an “enthusiastic and generous boy” who is “active, sunny, clever and quick.”  He is deaf, knows simple sign language, and can understand other people’s meaning by their gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions.  He attends a special kindergarten and is likely behind in his education due to a lack of available services for deaf children.  He gets on well with others, likes to share and do what he can to help others. He is good at watching people’s every mood.  He is good at adapting to new environments.  This happy guy shows his creative side in this video.

Adam hosted 7-16Here is an update on Adam!
“Adam’s mental development is the same as healthy children the same age. Adam was born deaf so he cannot communicate normally with people. He can understand what you want by reading lips and through body language. He communicates with sign language. He can follow sign language directions. Adam is toilet trained. He is active, busy, and warm. Adam is well behaved and obedient. His gross motor and fine motor skills are good. Adam is attached to his caretakers and helps the adults do housework. He is very helpful and caring. Adam has good social skills and gets along well with adults and all the other kids. He lives in the orphanage.
Updated measurements: Height: 107 cm, Weight: 16.7 kg, Head circ: 50 cm, Chest circ: 51 cm

He is not on any medicine, only cold medicine sometimes.”

adam collageadam collage

8 year old Adam gets to go to school through Love Without Boundaries. You can read all about him in this post!
He is currently listed with Madison Adoption Associates and has a $3,000 grant toward his adoption.

Adam was 7 years old when the photos below were taken

Adam LWB
From Love Without Boundaries:
“Rarely do you meet someone who appears to exude pure light and joy. Last week, my colleague Kate Finco and I had the amazing experience of meeting a young man who did just that. Adam, a seven-year-old student from our Lanzhou Believe In Me School, absolutely stole our hearts! We just couldn’t get over the very big presence of this little guy.”

Adam grin Adam work

“When we arrived for our visit to the school located inside the orphanage, Adam was very busy participating in classroom activities. He then quickly transitioned to morning exercise and dance in the common area. Active and energetic, he buzzed around taking note of us and the additional staff who had arrived, but he kept on task with his activities. In between his dance moves, Adam engaged in playful interaction with his friends, seeming to encourage their participation as well. After exercises were over, the students left for lunch. Adam, a ready helper, pushed a friend’s wheelchair to the meal room.”


Adam helpingAdam peace

“Adam is deaf but, make no mistake, he is an excellent communicator! While he does not attend a school for the deaf and hasn’t received formal instruction in sign language, he is able to effectively communicate with those around him. Just imagine all that he would have to say if he had the opportunity to learn sign language!” Read more about Adam on Love Without Boundaries post!